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with our ongoing investment in print book and digital technology

We instill in our students a constant urge to keep learning, because once they develop a passion for knowledge, they will never cease to grow. Our School has a host of books (more than 10000) in the vast School Library to enable the students to keep learning and develop reading habits for a life time. We firmly believe in the fact that a school library is the single place where curiosity meets knowledge, where knowledge is nurtured for life and one where learning never stops. Though, with the advent of technology, advanced mobiles and tablets have taken the place of books in our daily lives, but the one who has once fallen in love with the books can never fall prey to such advancements and will always value books as the most treasured source of knowledge, and doorway to the world of imagination.

Our Library stocks 10,000+ books

We have books on varied and subject assisting to broaden child's intellect

Knowledge & Intellect

Books that enhances knowledge and develops intellect and interest in varied subjects

Think And Learn

Team of highly qualified and experienced teachers and Supportive staff to serve you better

Ebooks and Workbooks

Ebooks helps students to study and gain knowledge on the go , Our Edooks and workbook collection make students independent

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