Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is R.K. International CBSE Affiliated?

    Yes, it is affiliated to CBSE up to senior secondary level. The Affiliation no. is 630188. More can be checked on the following link

  • Where is R.K. International School located?

    It is located at a distance of 200ms from NH 8, Nabahi, Sarkaghat. Please click here for Map

  • Who are the promoters of the school?

    The school is being managed by R.K. Educational and Social Welfare Society, Nabahi, Sarkaghat with Mr. R.K. Sharma as the Chairman of the school.

  • What is unique about the school?

    The school is one of its kind in the entire Sarkaghat area. It aims to provide high quality education in the ideal environment with lush green campus and adequate sports facilities. We ensure that the next-generation leaders are armed with intelligence, personality and humanity.

    The key points of difference are:
    • 1. Breaking from the norms - RKIS is an endeavour by the R.K. Educational and Social Welfare Society to reform the educational path. The school was started to ensure that Sarkaghat too has a school where international norms are followed so that the students grow up to be global citizens and have vast knowledge and intelligence and can mark their ways anywhere in the society and the world. This educational organisation with its international identity is a network of values, systems and relationships.
    • 2. RKIS Principal and Teachers - Extremely experienced and highly educated staff ensures that the students benefit the most from all of them and grow not just academically but also as intellectuals and thinkers.
    • 3. More than an acre of safe, secured campus with all modern built to purpose facilities.
    • 4. Truly English Medium School as per CBSE pattern.
    • 5. Professionally managed and well-established systems.
    • 6. Special emphasis on English
  • What are the programs or classes offered for academic session 2017-18?

    We will offer Nursery to XIIth Grade (Medical, Non-Medical, Commerce) for the academic session 2017-18.

  • What kind of curriculum has the school?

    The curriculum framework adopted by a school is NCF 2005 (National Curriculum Framework). The curriculum helps students to develop creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills.

    The key points of difference are:
    • Learner-centred approach
    • Based on Indian culture
    • Focus on developing values
    • Equal emphasis on academics, sports and life skills
    • Activity based teaching is adopted
    • Textbook is only a guide - We go beyond the textbook
    • Relate concepts to real life
    • Multiple Intelligence based lessons
    • Out of classroom learning - field trips, community surveys, Achiever meets
    • Student and Teacher mentoring
    • Continuous professional development for teachers
    • Independent learning skills inculcate among learners
    • Various activities and competition like recitation, elocution, debate etc.
    • Continuous assessment through oral & written assignments
  • How is this curriculum different and what is special about it?

    • RKIS focuses on conceptual understanding and not mere completion of syllabus
    • Emphasis is laid on overall Personality Development of the students
    • We motivate teachers to avoid Rote learning and adopt experiential learning
    • We promote activity-based learning and emphasise on teaching life skills
    • Attitudes and skills inculcated through activities
    • Projects involving society included
    • Field trips, guest speakers, theme & activity based teaching used
    • Child is involved in the process of learning
    • Creative teaching techniques used
    • Individual attention provided to child
    • Differentiated instruction planned based on child's abilities
    • No tuition needed unless child has learning difficulties
    • Counselling and reinforcement strategies used
    • Extra attention is given to the slow learners
    • Regular interaction with the parent so as keep the parents inform regularly
  • Does School offer any kind of extra-curricular activities/such as Music/Dance/Sports/School newspaper/ drama club etc? How is this integrated with time-table?

    At RKIS, we firmly believe that the holistic development of the child can be achieved integrating the co-curricular programs such as fine arts, performing arts, sports and games. The school encourages students to be creative and independent. Centre for Life Skills (CLS) is a first of its kind initiative that will add value to adolescents and equip them with right skill-sets to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life .

  • What will be the school timings?

    School Timings:
    Current Session (2016-2017) Monday to Saturday: 08:45 AM to 2.50 PM ( SECOND SATURDAY-HOLIDAY) Academic Session (2017-2018) Monday to Saturday: 08:45 AM to 2.50 PM ( SECOND SATURDAY-HOLIDAY).

  • Whether transport facility is available?

    Yes, transport is available from areas decided by the school management.

  • What are the facilities on campus?

    • Centre for Life Skills
    • Art and Craft Studio
    • Music Room
    • Language Lab
    • Math Lab
    • Science Lab (Chemistry, Physics & Biology)
    • Computer Lab
    • Library
    • Infirmary
    • Multipurpose Activity Hall
    • Open Air Theater
    • Kids Play Area
    • Indoor Sports
    • Yoga/Gymnastics
  • What are the school's approach to student's safety and security?

    The child is our responsibility till he/she is in the school. School buses have adequate safety measures like emergency phone numbers, fire extinguisher, first aid box, etc. Our staff including a female staff would be there in buses with the students to keep a strict watch on the progress of his/her child. The campus is under the CCTV Surveillance to monitor the activities and movements on campus. Very soon, the school will be having Access Control Gates for the safety of students and staff.

  • What will medical assistance be provided to a child if he/she gets sick / injury?

    The school is having a well-equipped infirmary to take care of the children who are not feeling well. The caregivers take proper care of the student and in the case of need, parents are contacted by the class teacher or the coordinator. A full-time nurse and a doctor on call are available on the school campus.

  • When can parents apply at RKIS?

    Admissions for academic year 2017-18 are in progress.

  • Who will be assisting for Registrations at RKIS?/h4>
    • 1. A copy of student's birth certificate.
    • 2. 2 Recent passport size photographs of the student.
    • 3. Annual Mark Sheet or Report Card of the previous school attended.(if applicable)
    • 4. Original Transfer certificate from the previous school attended.(if applicable)
    • 5. Caste Certificate (only if applicable)
    • (Note - Item 4, 5 & 6 can be submitted at a later date also)

  • What is the age requirement for admission?

    The age criteria for admission to various classes are as below. For
    ACADEMIC YEAR 2017-18



    NURSERY/LKG (Minimum 3 years on 1st day of school)


    GRADE 1

    GRADE 2

    GRADE 3

    GRADE 4

    GRADE 5

    GRADE 6

    GRADE 7

    GRADE 8

    1.4.2013 to 31.3.2014

    1.4.2012 to 31.3.2014

    1.4.2010 to 31.3.2012

    1.4.2009 to 31.3.2011

    1.4.2008 to 31.3.2010

    1.4.2007 to 31.3.2009

    1.4.2006 to 31.3.2008

    1.4.2005 to 31.3.2007

    1.4.2004 to 31.3.2006

    1.4.2003 to 31.3.2005

  • How is the academic result of the school?

    Since its inception, the school result has mostly been 100%.

  • When can we meet the class teacher or kindergarten In-charge?

    You can make an appointment through the school office or in emergencies come straight in to the office and ask to meet with the teacher.

  • My child is in KG. How to inform the class teachers if he is unwell?

    The diary has applications at the back which you can fill and submit to the teacher.

  • How do I know the gazetted holidays?

    The diary has a list of holidays and each month has a day to day activity mentioned over there for information.

  • Can arrangements be made for the child to be picked up later than the other children due to the parent's inability to arrive on time?

    No, we are sorry that the child can't be picked up later than the stipulated time.