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Nurturing the talent . building confidence

The Junior Wing of RKIS serves to be the chirpiest and most active corner in the school. Here great care is taken to safeguard the emotional and physical well-being of a child. The school practices no bias system on account of caste, gender, mother tongue, ability and background of the child.

Daily courses and Activities

A typical day at the Junior Wing begins with an assembly and a prayer, followed by a hymn and/or a fun song. The academics are laid emphasis and we ensure that students develop reading habits as reading is an important aspect of learning any language. The students are encouraged to read at the well stocked Library at the Junior School. Besides reading books and journals here, the children listen to stories, play interactive indoor games and solve puzzles during their Activity Period. The equipment used for these activities has been carefully selected to stimulate both their cognitive and physical development.

Hobbies like Art and Craft, Theatre Work, Indian Music, Dance, Green Club are a part of the day's routine and run parallel with the academic curriculum.

At RKIS, we encourage the natural scientists in the children and push them to explore and observe, use their logic, analyze and then come to conclusion. Our young learners are provided with ample opportunities to put to real life use whatever they learn in the classrooms. To help our young minds develop into caring ones, we ensure that they understand the cultural and ethical importance of our country's past and present. After they explore their immediate environment, we lead them to learn about their city, state, country and the world. We even encourage their participation in festivals and national events to boost their real life knowledge about such events.

Amenities and Accessibility

  • Mathmatics

  • Regular

  • Scheduled
    Parent Teacher

  • Sports Activities

  • Art Knowledge &
    Specimen labs

At the Junior level, we aim to build a strong Mathematics foundation in our children. We regularly conduct special Maths classes and Maths Olympiads. Ongoing Assessment is a very important aspect for both the learner and the teacher. The overall work done in all the subjects (academic and non-academic) is reviewed periodically, the growth or deterioration if any is also discussed with students and parents in the parent teachers meetings.

We firmly believe that to ensure our students do their best in everything they do, the parents too need to get involved with their children learning the process. They can do so by reviewing and helping the students with their homework. They are free to communicate with the class teachers and subject teachers through phones or through letters or messages on the diaries.

Special Notice: all the students from 1st to 8th will be given a special training in Taekwandoo by experts on the alternate days of the week (Monday Wednesday and Friday) for half an hour each.

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